We know chimney is a domestic kit that is highly needed during the cold season; its primary purpose is to keep the home warm. How it keeps the home warm is pretty simple, as the chimney was created to suck out cold and generate heat that isn’t excessive for human bodily consumption. Royal Roof Installation is an independent company that is recognized for offering full chimney services in Milton Keynes. So, if you’ve ever searched for a chimney company and you didn’t get a reliable one, then you can give us a chance to take you through a relaxing journey. We specialize in chimney cleaning, inspection, chimney restoration, and masonry repair. Each chimney service is offered based on what the clients who hired us to need at the moment. Our team is committed to serving our clients using a standard approach and exactly serving them based on demand. No matter the nature of your chimney challenge, we have the expertise to handle it.

Masonry Chimneys

Most homeowners consider the masonry chimney as the standard for every home. It is built using cement, mortar, stone, and brick, as the case may be. The masonry chimney has been in existence for years and keeping families warm on several occasions. When it comes to durability, the masonry chimney offers more and serves the owner even more than expected. The fireplace of this chimney is elegantly created to suit any home’s indoor aesthetic. So, with a masonry chimney, there is no odd. 

Factory-Built Chimneys

If you are looking for contemporary with appealing & trendy design, you can find it in factory-built chimneys. This is typically a firebox fabricated from sheets and constructed in the factory before installed in a home where they’ll be useful. This chimney doesn’t fit every space, and therefore before it is manufactured, the homeowner must specify the size, design pattern, and favorable materials to be used. The factory chimneys, also known as prefabricated, are an excellent option for homeowners who aren’t looking to break the bank to own a chimney. It provides freedom of choice to the owner.

Metal Chimneys

The metal chimneys take a lot of space, and it is the most expensive you can ever imagine. They are manufactured using stainless steel, which makes them appeal more to homeowners. However, they aren’t as flexible as other chimney types, primarily masonry chimneys. For those who have a wooden fireplace structure, this may be a great choice to consider because it adds to the aesthetic of a wooden framework plus its insulation feature.

Traditional Burning Chimneys

When you hear of read “traditional,” what comes to your mind? This chimney types were popularly used in the late 80s, and it has a burning sector that burns wood faster to generate heat. Most people who don’t have accurate knowledge about chimneys take the traditional burning chimney to be masonry chimney; meanwhile, the only similarity is the ability to burn. The traditional burning masonry in a home means low cost of energy bills.